NAG Online Podcast Episode 18

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We’re back with the NAG Online Podcast this evening and tonight we’ll be joined by Lauren Das Neves and the ever-cyncial Rick de Klerk. We’ll be running through some of our earliest memories with the Playstation brand, discussing Valve’s streaming service and musing on what exactly that Gaben-damned new lightsaber needs a crossguard for. Join us!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 18, recorded on 03 November 2014.

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk

From NAG HQ: Lauren Das Neves

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1:00 24 Days of Giving: day 1

1:34 24 Days of Giving: day 2

1:55 24 Days of Giving: day 3

We won an expo competition…thingy!

6:26 rAge scoops coveted 2014 Consumer Exhibition of the Year Award

Stuff Happening In Gaming:

8:17 Sony celebrates PlayStation’s 20th anniversary – What are your earliest memories?

20:35 Valve takes aim at Twitch, Youtube with Steam Broadcasting

28:58 A report says console gamers still prefer physical discs to digital purchases, but do we agree?

40:21 Poor Xbox One sales in Japan causes Xbox head to resign


47:04 Hey, does anyone think the new lightsaber design makes sense?