Publisher 2K Games (BioShock, Borderlands, and the upcoming Evolve) has created a new development studio called Hangar 13 Games. The studio is being headed by ex-LucasArts creative director Haden Blackman.

Blackman’s previous work included creative director roles on projects like Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. After leaving LucasArts he started an indie studio that was bought up by social game publisher Kabam.

Hangar 13 is currently developing a proprietary engine in which to build its new game. Exactly what that game is will likely remain unknown for some time as the studio is still finding its feet and hiring staff members. The only vague hints we’ve been given is that the game will focus on players creating their own unique stories in an “intense action game set in an immersive world”.

“I really want to focus on games that live up to the mantra of ‘every player’s story is unique.’ When I say that I don’t just mean the narrative,” Blackman said in a statement. “When I first got into gaming, the thing that was most exciting was when I could sit down with my brother and talk about playing a game and comparing the way we approached different problems in the game, different powers that we used.”

You can check out Hangar 13’s homepage over here.

Via: Polygon

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