Giblets: There IS a new God of War game coming

A few weeks back, God of War creator David Jaffe teased a new God of War via his Twitter account. He was trolling and had split the “reveal” across two tweets that, when read together, discussed a God of War ice statue. Whatever. Turns out Sony is working on a new God of War anyway, as creative main man Cory Barlog said it straight during a God of War retrospective panel. He didn’t want to go into details, and it seemed like he wasn’t really supposed to announce anything yet, as tweets were deleted shortly afterwards. Except for this one from Sony Santa Monica; it’s still there. The game, he  confirmed, will not be a prequel, so who exactly Kratos has left to kill is anyone’s guess. Maybe he’ll start murdering deities from a different religion? Don’t expect anything for a while though; just hold onto the knowledge that a new game is coming… eventually.

Via: IGN

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