New No Man’s Sky footage shows warping and space dinos


More juicy new content out of Sony’s PlayStation Experience weekend: brand new footage of Hello Games’ upcoming space exploration title No Man’s Sky. Despite the fact that the game was unveiled about a year ago at the VGX 2013 awards, a lot of it is still a mystery insofar as plot and game progress is concerned. Still, it has the trappings of something rather special.

The procedurally generated title promises near infinite planets to discover and explore, with seamless flight between space and planet surfaces. In this new footage for the game, you’ll see a player depart form a space base, land on a planet to deliver something to an outpost, then leave the planet’s surface to warp into an entirely different galaxy where they discover a new planet populated by huge, bi-pedal space dinosaurs.

No Man’s Sky is heading to PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015. Hit the jump for new gameplay footage.

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