Remastered Day of the Tentacle coming to PS4


And other platforms like Windows PC, PlayStation Vita, Linux and Mac. That’s great news! It’s like the great news we had a few months back that Grim Fandango would also be hitting those platforms. What’s going on?! It’s like all our point-and-click adventure game dreams are coming true!

Here’s the skinny: LucasArts, Sony and Double Fine (and we’re assuming Disney at some point seeing as they own LucasEverything now) have reached a miraculous agreement that allows Tim Schafer to revive classic adventure games. Day of the Tentacle is the second legacy title being added to the Sony / LucasArts / Double Fine deal. Here’s hoping there are many more… like Full Throttle.

There’s no release date as yet for Day of the Tentacle, and from the sounds of things, Double Fine is just getting started with the remastering process. On the plus side: Grim Fandango’s remastered edition is out on 27 January 2015. Oh, and Broken Age is also heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Goodness, Double Fine and Sony sure are getting cosey.