24 Days of Giving: day 10


We’re ten days in! If we close our eyes and listen closely, we can actually hear your whimpers of excitement in the distance, brought forth by the knowledge that we’re about to reveal the tenth day’s prize.

Put your whimpering on hold for a moment, and follow us beyond the break.

Today one lucky human stands the chance to win a PlayStation Camera for Sony’s PS4, generously provided by those fine folks at Ster Kinekor Entertainment. If you often find yourself blindly staring at your PS4 and wondering if it’s staring back at you as though you’re both locked in some sort of unspoken, bizarre staring contest, now you can even the odds by actually giving your PlayStation a set of eyes. Or an eye, at least. We’re not sure.

Anyway! There’s an image of it below in case you’re curious just what a PlayStation 4 camera looks like. Drop a comment in the box below if you’d like to find it in your stocking this year.