Minecraft developer Mojang’s next big release is out… today! Granted, it’s not as big a release as Minecraft was, and it certainly hasn’t garnered as much media attention, but for those of you currently obsessing over Hearthstone, Mojang’s Scrolls might be just up your alley.

The collectible card trading and battling game has been in beta for way over a year already. Those beta training wheels officially get removed today, 11 December. You’ll be able to nab a copy of the game on PC, Mac and Android devices for a whole $5. That’s a bargain! Those wanting an iOS version will have to wait a little longer, but know that there is one in the pipeline.

Mojang (who is now owned by Microsoft, don’t forget) has released a launch trailer for the game, because that’s what games do when they, umm, launch. You can find it after the jump; it gives a good rundown of what to expect if you haven’t already been playing the beta. Also worth noting: there’s a demo on the game’s official website so you can “try before you buy” – a concept that seems rather quaint by contemporary, money-centric industry standards. Goodness that was jaded; I’ll see myself out.

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