Part 2 of eSports documentary from Razer: DOTA 2


Last week we aired Part 1 of a documentary series released by Razer, that looks at professional eSports athletes from Team Razer. Episode 2 is a look at the world of MOBAs, specifically DOTA 2.

“eSports is a phenomenon that so many people are still unaware of, and I want to change that,” says director Travis “Samox” Beauchamp. “Athletes from different cultures pursue their passion with these games, with millions of people watching, each player driven by a desire to be the best of the best. Illuminating the lives of these StarCraft, Dota 2 and League of Legends champions will help eSports novices to understand that ambitious gaming is not only a hobby, but a serious sport.”

Razer Presents, Team Razer: Great Games – Episode 2

“GG” (short for “Good Game” or “Great Game”) is the universal signoff for players who know they have been beaten in the toughest arena of modern gaming: eSports. “Great Games” follows three of today’s most popular eSports titles – StarCraft II, Dota 2 and League of Legends – bringing into focus the history and the people of this newest sporting frontier.

We transition into the world of MOBAs. The creation and sudden explosion in popularity of DOTA ushers in a new field of players from around the world. The culture of Chinese DOTA stacks up against the rag-tag westerners of Team Liquid at The International 3 as we see just how similar these seemingly disparate gaming compatriots are and how their stories of stress and camaraderie transcend all borders. To win and to succeed may not always be the same thing.



Episode 3 will be released this weekend. For more information you can checkout the official Razer GG website.



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