Romero celebrates Doom’s 21st with unseen images


Doom, right? Doom. You know Doom. Doom‘s 21st anniversary was yesterday, and whether it’s that iconic cover (don’t give me that look, it’s actually iconic, unlike some other things I could mention) to its ardent fans rating the best WADS at this year’s Cacoawards over at Doomworld, everyone’s rip and tearing into the guts of Doom‘s legacy.

Even John Romero’s gotten into the spirit by posting supposedly never-before seen images, screenshots, photos and design sketches for the original game on Twitter. From photos of the original sculptures used as reference for the animators to unused death animations and sprites (I’m particularly impressed by the pile of corpses sprite which was deemed “too gross” for 1993), there’s a lot to delve into here. Rather than let my words get in the way any further, hit the jump for all the tweets in one handy location, with fair warning that there’s a lot of them.

Source: Digital Spy