Story Bundle’s at it again, revisiting their original selection of great reads with the The Video Game Bundle 1.0 Rewind. It’s particularly fitting in that it includes for the first time in ebook format the late Ralph Baer’s enlightening but contentious book Videogames: In the Beginning, which he spends mostly arguing that he’s the inventor of home video games and that anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

In fact, this collection is a real boon for history buffs: it collects Jordan Mechner’s journals for both Karateka and Prince of Persia, two issues of the excellent Kill Screen magazine, and what many consider the original bible on video game history, Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Video Games (at least in terms of the American market.). Phoenix goes for roughly $120 new, so it’s a steal at the bonus level of $12. Intermingled are a treatise on violence in video games from Brendan Keogh, Killing is Harmless; Generation Xbox: How Video Games Invaded Hollywood; and the memoir Confessions of The Game Doctor by Bill Kunkel, former executive editor of Electronic Games Magazine.

As usual, the books are DRM-free and come in a variety of mobile formats for your consideration, with instructions on how to get them on your platform of choice. I think its worth it for the technical details contained in Phoenix alone (in spite of it’s My First Windows Word Clipart & Wordart Project cover), but your mileage may vary.

Source: Story Bundle

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