Frontier Development’s Elite: Dangerous is out next week Tuesday, 16 December. The space simulator has been playable in an early access form for quite some time now, but the final “retail release” is at last upon us. Naturally, that means LAUNCH TRAILER.

And what a launch trailer it is. Too bad it bears very, very little resemblance to what the game is actually like. Aside from the fact that the ships look similar, the pre-rendered launch trailer doesn’t do a very good job in conveying a sense of actual gameplay. This has resulted in a fair amount of online criticism for Frontier Development, and it’s even resulted in YouTube users splicing together “honest versions” of the launch trailer. The result is pretty amusing and you can check it out for yourself after the jump.

Is this any different to usual game marketing, and can you think of recent examples of publishers releasing “launch trailers” that do nothing to convey gameplay? Is this something that should be called out on, or can these trailers exist in their own right as just marketing?

This is now the second time that Elite: Dangerous has caused a stir. A few weeks back, news that the offline portion of the game had been axed caused an outcry among original backers of the project.

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