NAG Online Podcast Episode 19

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We’re back with the NAG Online Podcast this evening and tonight we’ll be joined by Geoff Burrows, our overlord and master whip-cracker and Rick de Klerk. We’ll be running through some of our thoughts on Early Access (once again it’s a hot topic) as well as discussing Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards (which, please note, I didn’t watch – and not for lack of trying, thanks Eskom) and Sony’s Playstation Experience, a two-hour extravaganza which rolls through all the wonderful things Sony wants you to buy from them. Somewhere towards the end we talk about Grand Theft Auto and our thougts on the petition currently running against the game in Australia.

If you’ve never listened to us live, download the latest version of Mumble and follow the instructions in our forum to set it up and listen to us live in the NAGlings channel starting at 8PM. We’re going to be doing microphone testing roughly half an hour before we start recording so you can pop in then to interact with us and see all the fun that goes into setting up a podcast.

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 19, recorded on 10 November 2014.

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Rick De Klerk

From NAG HQ: Geoff Burrows

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0:48 24 Days of Giving on NAG Online

Stuff Happening In Gaming:

4:29 A moment of silence for Ralph Baer

6:46 The problem with Early Access to your money

19:17 The Game Awards – who watched it? Do we need this especially, considering it has changed format and name three times in three years?

21:41 Playstation Experience – what are your thoughts? Who was expecting Sony to make the Vita such a big focus?

32:29 Street Fighter V is now a PS4 and PC exclusive – what did Microsoft do to miss out on this game?

37:46 Amiibos got released recently, but apparently some of the figures are already discontinued?


44:40 Take-Two tell the GTA V haters to “not buy the game or play it if they don’t like it”