The experience of man’s best friend being leashed into servitude to carry heavy loads over treacherously long and bleak tundra can now be yours in the delightful Dog Sled Saga, which is out on Early Access (yay?) and promises a charming Balto simulator. If you get that reference, you can have a treat, oh yes you can whose a good boy, thrown with a useful white trajectory indicator.

Despite my cynicism, Dog Sled Saga as a certain charm to it: with overtones of Paper’s, Please in its presentation, the pixel-dogs show a lot of personality. The game promises a mix of simplified racing, status building and RPG management of your dog team. According to the developers, the idea is that you, as Cool Dude Musher, slowly build a relationship with your canine companions as their skills, unique abilities and traits develop. Along the way, you’ll find friends and rivalry amongst other mushers while balancing your books and maintaining your performance through leagues of increasing difficulty.

Mush, mush over the Read More button for the trailer. Also, Balto wasn’t actually a wolf and Togo did most of the real work in the 1925 Nome run. Bah humbug.

Source: Siliconera

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