Here’s some feel-good news for all of us video game nerds: Humble Bundle has announced that they’ve managed to raise $50 million for charities since the initiative started four years ago. The news came via a post on the organisation’s blog which also linked to a YouTube video expressing thanks from the Humble Bundle team and the more than 50 charities that benefited from the funds.

“When you purchase one of our bundles,” a statement read, “you choose where your money goes — between content creators, charity, and Humble Bundle. In four short years, the Humble Bundle community has already donated more than $50 million to charity, and we’re continually impressed by your generosity.”

The 50 charities to receive donations are varied, spanning a number of initiatives including cancer research, environmental protection, water distribution, and helping disabled people with custom input devices to play video games.

You can check out the big thank you video below, and then pat yourself on the back if you’ve splurged money on Humble Bundle in the last four years.

See? Video game nerds aren’t always assholes. Job well done, dorks, job well done indeed.

Source: Humble Bundle Blog

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