80 Days now available on Android


As readers of the site are no doubt aware, one of my shameful pleasures is mobile games you have to pay for. I know, right? What a chump. Whether it’s locally-grown mobile FPS shooters, haunting piano cadenzas, or minimalist word play, I’m a sucker for a well-designed mobile game. I’ve watched people faun over 80 Days on iOS with some envy, being of the Samsung clan and therefore unclean and undeserving of what many consider one of the best narrative games of the year; but I need grit my teeth no longer with its release on Android for R55.

80 Days takes place in a steampunk’esque 1872 and sets you as the humble valet of one Phileas Fogg, who’s bet with his chums that it’s no major challenge to circumnavigate the world in a — frankly — generous eighty days. I’m paraphrasing what I imagine Fogg would have said to his friends and colleagues, because Fogg’s actually a bit of a wet rag and it’s up to you to get him through over 150 cities and a massive amount of available events and choices while balancing your time and resources in real-time.

Check out the Android page for more. Also, consider Deemo, Spelltower and Neon Shadow in light of my abysmal advice in the otherwise useful What to Play During Load-Shedding article.