Talk about a sneaky release. Outcast, an open world science-fiction action game from 1999, has appeared on Steam as Outcast 1.1. About a year and a half ago, the original creators of Outcast managed to secure the rights to the game from the defunct publisher Infogrames. They formed a new studio called Fresh3D and planned to revive the series, but their Kickstarter campaign failed to meet funding goals. After that happened, the studio went dark.

It turns out that they were still pretty busy during the months of silence, because by around 6PM local time today, you’ll be able to buy Outcast 1.1 on Steam. The re-release features native controller support, an improved AI, a boosted resolution (from the game’s original maximum of 640×480 – how adorable!) and a number of other nips and tucks.

There’s even more good news: if you purchased the GOG.com version of Outcast, then you’ll be getting update 1.1 for free sometime in the future. Fresh3D didn’t have specifics, but they have said that the GOG.com version will be patched and updated.

If you missed Outcast back in 1999, then now’s a great time to catch up on one of the most influential titles in PC gaming history. I did a retro-review of the game about four years ago and was surprised to see how well it held up.

Via: Kotaku

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