Meet the Wraith, Evolve’s third monster


The third and final monster for Evolve has been unveiled: meet the Wraith. She’s a teleporting, decoy creating abductor who lacks the armoured fortitude of the Goliath and the Kraken, but makes up for it in sneakiness.

We can see the Wraith’s Abduction skill becoming a game changer. How it works: you line up your reticule on some unsuspecting hunter, hit the RB button and, if your “shot” hits, you’ll instantly teleport to the target, snatch him or her up, and teleport back to where you originally took the shot from. Obvously, the further away you are when you trigger the Abduction skill, the better. You’ll be able to isolate particularly troublesome hunters and then maul them to death while they’re separated from the rest of the gang. On the other side of the fence, playing as hunters, that just sounds kind of terrifying.

Below you can check out the pre-rendered reveal trailer for the Wraith’s announcement. Her ability to create a holographic decoy is going to be extremely useful in getting out of a tight situation, as you’ll see towards the end.

Our friends over at IGN have a hands-on preview with the Wraith, which also provides some detail on the game’s solo play mode. From the sounds of it, the AI is top-notch, which means those who battle to round up four other friends to play together, will at least have the option to play on their own.

Sticking with Evolve news, the game’s open beta kicks off exclusively on Xbox One on 15 January 2015 – exactly a month before the game releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That open beta will last until 19 January.

Source: IGN