The end rapidly approaches. Soon, you’ll have to return to your ordinary life, minus the daily joys brought by 24 Days of Giving. But! Don’t let that get you down. Today we’re unleashing a torrent of STUFF!

If you like STUFF, let’s travel further.

The fine folks at Ster Kinekor have given us a hamper full of PlayStation 4 goodies to give away on this, the 20th day. Inside you’ll find all these thingies, valued at R1,000:

1 x Minecraft game
1 x PlayStation bag
1 x black mask
1 x black track top
1 x Destiny console wrap
1 x LittleBigPlanet shirt
2 x PlayStation caps
1 x PlayStation beanie
1 x PlayStation snap bangle
1 x PlayStation lanyard
1 x PlayStation booklet/catalogue

Jeepers! If you’d like to add all these wondrous trinkets to your collection of gaming treasures, simply leave a comment on this post. Minecraft, people! Minecraft!


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