24 Days of Giving: day 22


In space, no-one can hear your excited screams at the prospect of free stuff. Of course, nobody can hear when those gleeful cheers turn into terrified yelps at the prospect of having your face chewed on by obscenely menacing space beasties either.


As you probably guessed thanks to the logo above, Ster Kinekor returns again at the helm of the 22nd day, sponsoring an Alien: Isolation hamper that’s sure to make you equal parts happy and horrified, because xenomorphs. Inside you’ll find a copy of the game (on the platform of your choice), a poster set, a Blu-ray movie, a cap, a lanyard and an Alien: Isolation T-shirt.

If this gets your Alien-obsessed innards in an excessively enthusiastic twist, be sure to leave a comment below. Also, have a tiny photo of the T-shirt.