Players have spent over 870 million hours playing Destiny


It’s the end of the year (hooray!) and Bungie is clearly feeling nostalgic. They’ve just published their final News Update for the year, and in it there are some incredible statistics about Destiny. For a start, collectively players have logged over 872,404,449 hours playing the game. According to Bungie, that’s enough time for the Curiosity Rover to have made the trip to Mars more than 100,000 times.

The second massive number: the total amount of people who have played Destiny is currently sitting at 12,869,066. Note that that is not the active player base; that’s the total amount of people who have played the game. Bungie says that number is about to get a significant increase thanks to the impending influx of “Christmas Noobs”. Bungie asks that you long time Destiny veterans go easy on that lot.

Nearly 23 million Guardians have been created; enough to fill a city as big as New York and Los Angeles combined. And if you need an indication on how tough the new DLC Raid is: Crota (the final boss) has only been killed 769 times. You can check out more interesting bits and pieces over at

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