24 Days of Giving: day 24


And so we approach the end of 24 Days of Giving. There’s a tinge of sadness in the air, isn’t there? Stick your tongue out for a moment and you’ll practically taste the depression.

Still, this is no time to be miserable! We’ve still got one more prize to give away. And it’s a real doozy.

The final day’s prize is offered up by the ultra-kind peoples over at Vodacom 4U, who’re clearly very eager to deliver a borderline-deadly dose of bliss to your festive season. It’s another 500GB PlayStation 4 console, sporting a value of 6,299 South African rands. We’d definitely call that ending things off with a bang.

If all you want for Christmas is a swanky new PS4, there’s a comment box below into which you should drop some words written on digital paper. That’ll get you an entry into the draw for day 24. Remember to check out these social media links if you’d like to get in touch with Vodacom 4U and thank them for sponsoring such a fantastic pair of prizes:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vodacom4U
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vodacom4u
Instagram: http://instagram.com/vodacom4u

And that’s that. We’ll be signing off now. A very merry Christmas to the lot of you, and have the happiest New Year!