Romance mod to bring love to Skyrim for Christmas


It’s a common crack that Bethesda doesn’t release games anymore, but merely demos of their engines for modders to build on. While that’s a bit unfair, a modder’s role can’t be understated in keeping interest in Bethesda’s titles well after their release. And while you have the inevitable nude mods and other such vagaries you also get things like Frostfall, beating the extreme survival gaming trend by almost two years.

One area the Elder Scrolls has generally been lacking in, compared to its peers, is romancing (well, unless it’s necromancing! Oh, and I guess you could count the nude mods, though that’s a different kind of romance altogether). Having recently picked up the DLC for Skyrim during Valve’s annual wallet wrecking wrangle, I was hunting for mods per NAG Christmas tradition and it was with some bemusement that I stumbled upon the incredible (and insane) Skyrim Romance Mod to be released on Christmas Day for all you heart-breakers out there.

The mod — with a focus on female players — promises to add over 3000 lines of new dialogue (a lot of it fully voiced), love rivals, special events like a Grand Ball and several interesting NPCs as possible love interests, including Neverwinter Nights 2 refugee Bishop as your primary love interest and companion.

Billed as the “#1 Skyrim Romance Mod” (which is funny, because it’s the only one), it all sounds pretty impressive if a bit Mills & Boon. If you’re a girl (or guy, we don’t judge here, though the mod is very specific about its intended audience [I’m totally getting it – Ed]), you could do worse than check it out.

Source: Skyrim Romance Mod

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