Gosh, bookmark this and file it under “I” for “interesting”. Or “informative”. Or “I really can’t stop watching this.” Pick one; it doesn’t matter.

Double Fine Productions (them of Broken Age, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend fame) has teamed up with 2 Player Productions to create a series of YouTube videos. They’re essentially “Let’s Play” videos, but they’re for some really old games. Adding to the awesome factor is the fact that while these games are being played by Double Fine developers, they’ve managed to get in some of the developers and creative minds who were behind the games being featured in the video.

For the first episode, Double Fine’s Greg Rice (publishing manager) plays through 1994 Sega Genesis classic The Lion King. There’s also a brief play of Aladdin. What makes this extra great is that Louis Castle joins Rice to discuss the game. Castle was one of the co-founders of Westwood Studios, and the producer on The Lion King platform game. Basically, this hour-long video is a delightful, nostalgic trip that is festooned with incredible insights and information on the development of this game.

There are more episodes planned that will release every week up until 27 January 2015. You can look forward to play-throughs of Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda, Doom, Gauntlet, and Psychonauts. The Doom play-through will feature id Software co-founder John Romero; it promises to be extremely interesting for Doom fans.

The Psychonauts play-through is also set to be really good fun to watch, as Double Fine has brought in a speed-run enthusiast to beat the game in front of the dev team.

For more info on each of the episodes, check out Double Fine’s homepage. Be sure to keep an eye on their YouTube channel as well for future episodes.

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