On Christmas Day, both online services went down following what is believed to have been a DDoS attack. Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE was able to come back online pretty quickly and is currently only experiencing some difficulties with certain Apps like the IGN Dashboard app. You can keep tabs on the service status over here. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Network took a bit longer to come back up, but yesterday (28 December), Sony sent out emails to all PSN users informing them that the service was back up. There are a few who are still experiencing connection issues so if you are then there’s apparently a fix by changing your MTU from 1,500 to 1,473. You can change MTU settings by going to: Settings -> Network -> Set up Internet Connection -> Use Wi-Fi -> Custom. Then once you get to the MTU settings section, hit “Manual” and change the value from 1,500 to 1,473. This may or may not work if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues on the PSN.

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