Croteam trolls pirates yet again in Talos Principle


Perhaps you remember Croteam’s magnum opus to pirates: the immortal red scorpion that would chase down and devour those too skint to buy Serious Sam 3 but not skint enough to have an internet connection to complain about it. Anyway, they’re at it again with their most recent release, the conundrum-filled The Talos Principle.

One player took to the Steam forums in a thread now sadly deleted but preserved forever through the powers of the Internet, complaining that the game kept crashing when they got into an elevator, which would inexplicably halt half-way, leaving them stuck in the endless hell elevator manufacturers consider acceptable musical compositions.


As it turns out, this is intended; Croteam deliberately seeded “pirate” versions of their game with this admittedly mundane DRM scheme. Hints that not all was well were already there for observant players; hints that Mr. J.K. ignored.


The Talos Principle is doing rather well for itself, with favourable comparisons being made to Portal, so maybe give it a go. Just be sure to pay for your entry, and take the stairs.

Source: NeoGAF

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