AGDQ 2015 has begun with bundle in tow; don’t blink


Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 continues the Speed Demos Archive tradition of combining a love for decimating games in record-breaking speedruns with charitable goals. This year, they’re taking on cancer by fundraising for the Prevent Cancer Foundation while demonstrating that you’re just not trying hard enough with your backlog, honestly, what’s the problem? You don’t complete games like Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn in 23 minutes? Do you even lift?

In all seriousness, speedruns require a level of dedication that most of us just can’t commit, so the art is an admirable one. Also, where else are you going to see a sentence like, “Grenades. By hitting yourself with a grenade, you can initiate combat, which allows you to sprint for a short time.”? We’ve embedded the livestream for anyone wanting to tune in at any time up until the 10th of January, or you can check out some of the ridiculous times (with detailed explanations) at the Speed Demos Archive here.

Similarly, Humble Bundle is running an AGDQ bundle alongside the event, which includes a couple of gems like Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Volgarr as well as a Twitch Turbo subscription so you can follow your New Year’s resolution to become the next PewDieBiscuitJoe and some unique AGDQ swag at the highest level of support.