Monster Hunter Online, an Chinese MMO version of the beloved behemoth-slaying franchise, has released a new English benchmark tool for gamers wanting to check how cinematic their rigs are.

Created in partnership with Crytek and NVIDIA (So AMD gamers might be in for a less-than-stellar experience), the benchmark tool tests a number of qualities and NVIDIA proprietary technologies (like the game-critical NVIDA Hairworks) while promising that you can, quote, “experience Super Definition graphics and immersive hunting experience (sic) Monster Hunter Online means to offer.”

Super Definition is the new High Definition. It’s also about a gig, since they needed to fit all the Super Dragons in. Interestingly, the page for the benchmark is in English, prompting some to think this may be a lead-up to an English localisation of the MMO, but previous reports have said it’s unlikely it’ll ever expand beyond the Chinese market. Check the benchmark link for the download.

Source: Monster Hunter Online
Benchmark: Link

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