New Destiny leak hints at future expansions and DLC


A blurry photo snapped by (presumably) somebody’s cell phone, has revealed an internal roadmap that Bungie could be using to plot their course for the coming months of Destiny expansions. The image, which allegedly first appeared via this Facebook upload in October (!), recently found its way to Reddit where the Destiny community picked it apart for information. With the image garnering Reddit’s attention, the now three-month-old picture has gained the greater Internet’s attention as well.

In the image you can see the first two items of DLC that everyone already knew about: “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves”. The first one is already out and the second will presumably hit within the next few months. It’ll presumably be sometime before September, because according to this leaked roadmap, a larger Destiny “expansion” called Comet is coming out then.

Comet will supposedly add 12 new story missions, three new sub-classes, raise the base character level to 30, add three new strikes, one raid, and one new public event. It’s possible that this expansion might even get a physical disc release judging by the holder image on the roadmap picture.

Following Comet there are another two pieces of further DLC mapped out. Neither have names as yet and the final piece doesn’t have any content planned for it so far. Judging by the leaked image, the third DLC pack will add new story missions and strikes.

Bear in mind that this image is three months old by now. It’s entirely possible that Bungie and Activision have reviewed this and altered bits and pieces.

Source: Reddit
Via: Kotaku