South African thunderstorms are awesome. Watching the sky course with electricity and awaiting the thunderous boom that follows is always thrilling; it’s a strongly primal act that reaffirms nature’s infinite power. Except when an angry bolt of lightning decides to make your router its flimsy plaything and turns all the electronics connected to it into a clump of mostly useless silicon and metal. That’s never fun.

Thankfully, Astraphobe is exactly what you need to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about such things again.

[This competition is now closed and a winner has been selected]

Astraphobe is a proudly locally developed piece of tech that connects to your incoming telephone/Internet line and automatically disconnects it from your router whenever an electrical storm is near. It does this using a combination of science and magic, and can detect storms up to 40kms away, letting you know how close it is to reaching you. You’re able to configure its settings using your PC, and it’s great for those times when you’re not at home to disconnect your router in a storm, potentially saving you tons of cash should the worst happen. Not at all coincidentally, the term Astraphobe is defined as an irrational fear of lightning.

The generous gentlefolk at Jacstech (creators of the device) have kindly provided us with one Astraphobe unit (valued at R1,399) to offer you the opportunity to win. If this sounds like your cup o’ useful tech, simply leave us a comment below and we’ll randomly choose a winner when the time is right.

Here’s a list of some of the features of the Astraphobe, and below that is a photo of the device.

– Award-winning automatic storm detection system identifies approaching weather at a distance of up to 40km
– Disconnects/reconnects ADSL line automatically
– Computer controlled with user-definable preferences
– Maintains activity logs
– Simple installation and configuration
– ICASA approved


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