Fan games and remakes are nothing new, especially when it comes to seminal franchises like Sonic, Mega Man, Metroid and, of course, Mario. One title that’s largely been neglected, however, is Mario’s inaugural outing on the Nintendo 64. With that in mind, a considerably large group of fans have decided to rebuild the game from the ground up and release it for free on PC.

Every model, every level, every texture and every resource is being remade from scratch, with loving attention to detail in an attempt to make the game look modern. Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects is the planned inclusion of multiplayer! The exact nature of this mode isn’t clear yet, but a bunch of players working co-operatively in the game’s main campaign is a very tantalizing prospect and one which seems most likely. The team is open to suggestion, and will also be taking cues from the DS version of the game. They also plan to add a ton of new secrets and easter eggs in order to give fresh challenges to veteran players.

Judging from the videos, it appears a lot of the work is being done in Blender, which has already demonstrated its mettle as both an excellent, free 3D modeler and game engine. Unfortunately, this is one of Nintendo’s games we’re talking about, and chances are likely that they’ll shut it down eventually. Until then, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

source: IGN

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