If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in water-cooling but haven’t had the time to source out all the parts yourself, you can buy an enclosed loop, or get yourself a custom starter kit. While the former is much easier to start off with if you’re looking to cool your GPU or CPU, a custom loop is better suited to cooling both at the same time. Thermaltake has decided the market needed more options and have launched their limited-edition Pacific RL-240 starter kit.

It comes with everything one would need for a basic setup to cool your CPU and allow for future extensions. There’s a Pacific PT40-D5  400ml reservoir with a built-in 500l/hr pump to handle the grunt work. There’s a universal Pacific W1 CPU mounting block for any socket including LGA 2011-3 along with some of Thermaltake’s budget thermal grease.


There’s 79 inches of medical grade plastuc tubing, six chromed compression fittings, two of Thermaltake’s 120mm Luna fans with red LEDs and a liter of pre-primed red coolant solution. There’s a nifty little scale on the side of the bottle to let you know how much coolant you’ve put in your reservoir so far.

Thermaltake haven’t announced pricing for the Pacific RL-240 kit, but it should become available in the US, Canada and Europe pretty soon. For those of you who are too impatient for this kit, you can head on over to Titan-Ice and have a look at their starter kits based on XSPC’s products to get an idea of how much you’re going to need to put down.

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