Fifth video game Story Bundle released


The latest video game Story Bundle has been releasednot shortly after the last one — and again offers some tomes providing deeper edification into video games. While not as robust as the last, there’s some interesting titles in there which surprisingly reside in the pay-what-you-want hemisphere of the bundle.

Boss Fight Books: Jagged Alliance 2 gets particular with an analysis of the ’99 classic, while A Mind Forever Voyaging — its title a reference to one of Infocom’s most interesting text adventures – looks at thirteen titles that redefined players expectations when it came to player agency over the narrative in story-focused games. The Arcade Review collects three issues of a little-known fanzine, while Game Toilet Vol.1 contains various amusing sketches of video game concepts from Jerry Carpenter of Venus Patrol fame.

Those willing to shell out $12 or more gain access to Leigh Alexander’s Clipping Through: One Week in Video Games, Sega Arcade Classics Vol.1 by Hardcore Gaming 101’s Kurt Kalata, Super Iam8bit and Boss Fight Books: Super Mario Bros. 2. The books remain, as always, DRM-free and available in a variety of formats.

Source: Story Bundle