AMD FM2+ CES 2015 (1)

Although there’s nothing really new to be excited for on the AMD front now that we know Carrizo isn’t coming to the desktop (and therefore, no Excavator chips for enthusiasts) there are two new additions to the socket FM2+ platform to keep people interested in what they have to offer. The first is the AMD A8-7650K, a new chip for budget builders and emerging markets that may want a cheaper overall platform.

The A8-7650K is in between the A10-7700K and the A8-7600 in terms of performance and ability. There won’t be much of a difference in out-of-the-box GPU performance compared to either chip, so it’s not something that AMD will focus on. The redeeming qualities of the chip are really its ability to overclock using an unlocked multiplier and a much lower price than the A10-7700K.

It depends on how much you want to pay $6 more for the extra performance, though. If you’re going to be playing on the integrated graphics, there’s not much to save you from the limited GPU performance aside from upgrading to the A10-7800. If you’re going to be playing on discrete graphics, you may as well drop $85 or less for the Athlon X4 860K, which is the exact same chip with the integrated graphics disabled. Its an odd release for AMD and only really makes sense if they were planning on dropping production of the A10-7700K SKU.

I’m not so sure anyone in SA is really buying these chips, though. You would have to be crazy high on something really fantastic and expensive to even BEGIN to think that a A10-7800 at R2600 is a good idea. Its not.

AMD FM2+ CES 2015 (2)

On the motherboard side of things, AMD also announced the new A68H chipset. Its a bit pared down from the A78, supporting only four SATA 6Gb/s ports and two USB 3.0 ports on the rear. Compared to the A58 chipset, which it will eventually replace, it’s a much better platform to build a desktop on complete with compliance to more modern standards. There are motherboards from ASRock, ASUS, BioStar, Gigabyte and MSI on the way with the new chipset.

As usual, AMD’s budget chipsets support RAID (can’t say the same for Intel) and the A68H has new firmware for the SATA ports to allow for TRIM commands to be passed through to a RAID 0 array of SSDs. It may be possible that the same firmware improvement will make its way into the A78 and A88X chipsets later in the year.

Source: Tech Report

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