Thomas Was Alone was a delightful but short puzzle game featuring two-dimensional blocks suffering from sentience — an awful affliction to which I can relate. Child of Mike Bithell, he’s since been working on his dimensional upgrade Volume, a chromatically aberrant retelling of Metal Gear Solid‘s VR Missions Robin Hood, and just recently dropped a reveal trailer featuring new enemy types and quick audio scoops of some of the game’s voice actors.

Opening with a small intro from Danny Wallace, the narrator of Thomas Was Alone and now the voice of the AI of the Volume device, sharp viewers will notice some of the subtle differences between the enemy types, such as the Rogue’s all-encompassing 360 degree vision, the Archer’s narrower and longer cone (all the better to see you with and deliver high-velocity bullets to), and a next-gen dog which… well, I’m not sure what its hook is, really, but it barks and will no doubt add itself to the list of insufferable animal AI thwarting your perfect stealth run.

Andy Serkis of Gollum fame voices the antagonist Guy Gisborne (reference to Guy of Gisborne of Robin Hood legend), who can be heard near the end of the trailer. Serkis has been assisting Bithell in his spare time after apparently being impressed with the script and character, so that’s something.

Volume‘s supposed to drop sometime this year on PS4, Vita, PC and Mac; it’ll be interesting to see if it can steal critics’ hearts as Thomas did.

Source: Press release

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