A while back we shared the first trailer for Dontnod’s upcoming episodic adventure game, Life is Strange. The team behind the clever but flawed Remember Me is back to tell you more about their next baby.

In the nine-minute developer diary, the team talks about the basic premises of the game, including the rewind time mechanic that protagonist Max realises she has the power to do. A couple of the main characters are introduced, including Max’s childhood friend Chloe.

Interestingly, the dev diary also talks about their relationship with publisher Square Enix. Apparently, when pitching their game to a suite of publishers early on in development, Square Enix was the only company who didn’t want them to change the protagonists into male characters. Gosh publishers, get your heads out of your butts.

You can check out the dev diary below. The first episode of Life is Strange is supposedly out this month for $4.99. Alternatively you can buy all the episodes for $19.99. The game is hitting PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Via: Kotaku

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