Blizzard’s first new IP in years has just hit a speed-bump in the form of a trademark dispute. According to documents picked up by NeoGAF, Blizzard’s application to trademark “Overwatch” has been suspended due to a pre-existing application for the same trademark.

Apparently a company called Innovis Labs is also after the same trademark, but theirs is for a smart phone app that’s meant to work in conjunction with paintball. Innovis Labs’ Overwatch brings a real-time overhead map of a paintball arena to your phone, so that you can see where team mates are and keep in contact during a real-life game of paintball. You can read more about it here.

Naturally, because two different companies have applied for the same trademark, both applications have been suspended. Innovis Labs’ trademark falls into the category of video games, and they even make the correlation on their website. The United States Patent and Trademark Office chose to suspend applications based on audience confusion.

Via: Polygon

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