Speedrunners are doing it for cancer research

Speedrunning may seem like one of the most frivolous of all time-sinks on the Internet – and that’s a category with some positively wicked competition – but some generous folks have taken it upon themselves to turn it into a charity fundraising event named Awesome Games Done Quick.


The 2015 iteration of the event recently concluded and helped raise over $1.5 million dollars towards cancer research. This is more than 2014’s event, which was able to raise just over a million dollars. 164 speedruns were completed during the week the event took place, and included such stunts as playing Zelda: The Ocarina of Time blindfolded. Yes, really. Over 38,000 people donated, with the average donation being $40.

Catch up with all the highlights on Awesome Games Done Quick’s Twitch channel.

Source: Awesome Games Done Quick’s website