Publisher 2K Games has just given the industry a master-class in confusing pre-order incentives, DLC and Season Passes. Evolve is launching in February, and 2K wants your money now. They’ve put together a ton of options for pre-orders across different platforms, all of which contain variations of Monster skins, extra Hunters, Season Passes, and new Monsters.

Oh, yes, the confusing nature of their convoluted pre-order options has somewhat overshadowed the announcement of the fourth Monster: the Behemoth. He’s a rocky juggernaut of a thing and you can check out a teaser trailer after the jump. He’s also DLC that’ll cost $15 on his own. Of course, if you pre-order the game then you’ll get Behemoth for free when he eventually releases.

But wait! There’s more! And more! And more! And MORE! And, you get the idea.

Evolve will be getting a Season Pass (which we’ve known about for some time because GAMING INDUSTRY) that will add four new Hunters (one for each class) and a set of “Magma” skins for Wraith, Goliath and Kraken. That’ll set you back $25. If you want to pick up the individual Hunters instead, they’ll be going for $7.50 a pop.

Then there’s the Evolve Digital Deluxe version. This one is online only (obviously) and packs the game, the Season Pass with the four Hunters and three Monster skins, and the fourth Monster Behemoth IF you pre-order this version. This version will set you back $80, giving you a saving of $5.

THEN, there’s the Evolve PC Monster Race edition, which has the best name ever because it’s a play on PC Master Race… This version is exclusive to the PC and costs $100 as a digital download only. It includes everything in the Digital Deluxe edition above. It also inherently includes the fourth Monster even without a pre-order. Furthermore, this version includes a FIFTH Monster (that’s still in development and will be revealed much later on) as well as TWO FURTHER Hunter DLC packs when they’re done.

So, a quick tally: there’s the fourth and fifth Monster DLCs, multiple skins for the Monsters, and three separate DLC packs of new Hunters.

It’s interesting to note that 2K and Turtle Rock are referring to a lot of this content as “pre-purchase” incentives. There’s no pre-ordering with a deposit here; you pay up front in full. I might be alone in my opinion, but if ever there was a case to wait for the inevitable Game of the Year version, this is it. The only problem with doing that is you’ll probably miss out on playing this game with a bunch of your enthusiastic friends when it launches in February.

Source: Evolve
Via: Polygon

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