Well, this certainly took its time to show up again.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone to be honest considering Sega and Games Workshop signed a deal over two years ago. That deal put a new Creative Assembly team at the helm of a license to develop multiple RTS games based on the fantasy Warhammer table-top series. What’s interesting, however, is that it looks like Sega has merged the Total War series with this Warhammer license, because we’re apparently getting a Total War: WARHAMMER game.

Now for the dull part: the game was “announced” via an art book. Yep, there’s been no official announcement, no press releases, no trailers, nothing; just a single paragraph referencing the game in an art book.

Creative Assembly recently put together an art book called The Art of Total War. That book, for some reason, started shipping early as it’s only due out on 23 January. One lucky recipient got his book a few days ago and stumbled across a paragraph written by Creative Assembly’s Mike Simpson.

“Multiplayer has never been Total War’s strong point in the past, and that’s something we’re looking to radically change with Total War: ARENA. For most strategy games, multiplayer is almost all of the experience or, at the very least, a sizable chink of it. We’re also experimenting with this in the mobile space, with Total War: KINGDOM, and taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: WARHAMMER.”

As some of the Total War forumites point out, this might cause history-based Total War purists to get very, very angry. But, it’s worth remembering that this is a totally new Creative Assembly team working on Total War: WARHAMMER, so the main, historical team is still doing their stuff.

Source: Total War Centre
Via: Kotaku

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