Oh hi, Kitana! Welcome back; we see you’re still sporting skimpy outfits and waving around razor-sharp objects. It’s good to see you again! Let us know if your totally batshit-insane, purple doppelganger shows up as well.

Kitana’s return brings the total number of revealed characters up to 12. That’s eight returning characters and four new ones shown off so far. Technically speaking one of those characters is a (puke) pre-order bonus: Goro. After the jump you can check out Kitana in action, as well as a handful of other characters causing grievous bodily harm to their opponents.

The wonderfully cheery world of Mortal Kombat X returns to consoles and PCs in April this year. Be sure to switch the Kitana reveal video into high-def at 60 frames per second for extra awesomesauce.

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