Nintendo have opened 2015 strong with their latest Nintendo Direct video, with a couple of huge announcements that are sure to be of interest to long-time fans and those considering whether or not to buy into the Nintendo family with the Wii U or New 3DS. Read on for the highlights of the show.

Those on the fence about whether to buy the New 3DS or not now at least have a date to pin their deliberations to: for Europeans, the New 3DS (which allows for changeable nameplates) and New 3DS XL will be released on the 13th February, with South Africa’s official Nintendo account announcing the same in their Twitter feed. North America, on the other hand, is only getting the New 3DS XL model, which has caused some consternation and just a little bit of huffing and puffing from Americans. For those unaware of some of the technical details of the New 3DS, you can check this handy article.

They also come in bundle flavours: one that’s themed around the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and one for Monster Hunter 4.

A massive reveal is the new Fire Emblem game, currently titled Fire Emblem If in Japan. Fire Emblem: Awakening is widely considered one of the best titles on the 3DS, and a follow-up has been eagerly anticipated. Fire Emblem If seems to have a distinctly Asian theme based on the footage shown so far at odds with the Fire Emblem‘s traditionally European medieval  stylings.

Puzzle & Dragons Z & Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition will be coming out in May as a bundle pack. The coloured gem matching game mixing RPG elements ala Puzzle Quest has proven highly popular in Japan and Asia, so those interested in another go at that genre could do worst.

In a similar vein, a free-to-play colour-matching game for Pokemon is coming to the 3DS store entitled Pokemon Shuffle. This is a foray into that wonderful world of time-limited gameplay, with players having to wait to battle after expending a certain number of hearts unless they use certain in-game items or purchasing more hearts via the Nintendo eShop store. Welcome to 2015, Nintendo. Where have you been?

There was also some news about one of my highly anticipated titles, Splatoon. Releasing in May, Nintendo showed off the multiplayer hub where players can interact with others and customise their Inklings with unique apparel that conveys certain buffs and abilities. In addition, they discussed the weapon loadout system, which will allow players to select a primary, secondary and chargeable weapon that — when combined with your equipment — is likely going to result in a variety of playstyles.

Nintendo have also announced that they will be bringing selected Wii titles to the Wii U eShop for download. Currently, using a Wii disc requires a switch to the Wii Mode. Wii software bought from the Wii U eShop will launch directly. The first titles to be made available are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Punch Out!! and Donkey Kong Country Returns. The titles will be available for half-price during their first week, so if you’re interested best check it out.

Amiibos, Nintendo’s money-printing enterprise, saw a ton of news: a couple of re-releases and redesigns of existing figures in different stances, in addition to a new group of Amiibo including Ness, Robin, Pac-Man, Lucina, Charizard and Wario. A Toad Amiibo will be available and compatible with Captain Toad. Mario Party 10 got a release date as well as news of an accompanying Amiibo bundle. Check out all the details below.

Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada has announced a free-to-play four-player Project Treasure where players will navigate deadly traps in search of treasure. And while there are few details for the announced Mario vs Donkey Kong title, it is Nintendo’s first cross-buy title, meaning that cross-buy may be an option for future titles going forward.

Overall, it’s a solid showing for Nintendo at the start of the new year. Those interested in can watch the full presentation in the source link below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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