Giblets: Windows 10 to be shown off on 21 January 2015

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Microsoft’s next operating system to hit the ground, you might be interested in checking out the upcoming press conference that Microsoft is holding and streaming online in just a few days. On 21 January, Windows 10 (likely in the form of a Developer Preview) will be announced and shortly thereafter the registrations for /Build/ 2015 will open for developers eager to get in on the action. Make sure to bookmark this link and set your alarms for 9AM Pacific time to watch the stream live. A recording of the stream will go up on Youtube later on.

If you’re not already on Windows 10 or fiddling with it in a virtual machine, you can hook up your Microsoft account to the Windows Insider program, download the latest ISO and get cracking. It’s not completely ready for use on a production rig, but it’s okay to toy around with. As new builds for the OS are released, you’ll be automatically upgraded to them overnight.

Source: Windows Blog