Giblets: Steam for Linux bug is disastrous

For the five or so Steam on Linux gamers around the world (kidding, just kidding!), you may want to exercise caution when moving your Steam folders around to more convenient locations on your system drive. There’s a bug in Steam for Linux (and possibly SteamOS) where the move command executed by the GUI when you drag-and-drop folders about bugs out and interprets the command incorrectly. Instead of removing entries for “$STEAMROOT/”, the OS panics because the folder is no longer there and runs the dreaded “rm -rf /” command instead, which deletes all user files in the root folder of the drive.

So, uh, just don’t touch it until Valve fixes it. Got it? Good! Now go play whatever there is to play in your 800-plus (and growing) library.

Source: Neowin