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And now we’re back! From outer space! You just came in to find us here on the side of the PC Master Race. We should have changed that stupid lock, we should have given Geoff the key. If I didn’t fix the audio I would have Lauren hounding me! Go on now go! Click the link for more! Don’t turn around now ’cause you need to visit the NAG store. Weren’t you the guys who tried to troll Chris (he didn’t mind), think he’d roll over? Think he hates consoles? He doesn’t mind! Oh no my eye! My bloody eye! I stole all the upload bandwidth now my family’s lost their minds. I’ve got only one life to live, here comes Matthew with a shiv, but I’ll survive. We’re live on Wednesday nights! Oooooooooh….

NAG Online Podcast Overview

Episode 20, recorded on 14 Janaury 2015.

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del

From NAG HQ: Miklos Szecsei

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5:11 WIN: DVDs! Four of them!

Stuff Happening In Gaming:

8:37 Nintendo pulls out of Brazil citing high import taxes

15:34 Evolve is riddled with DLC and pre-purchase incentives

25:00 Games are getting much higher requirements this year:

31:30 GTA V has been delayed again – does this annoy you? Can you deal with it for a game that ends up better polished?


36:25 The Fall of THQ – Do we miss this once-powerful publisher?

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