Firaxis announces Sid Meier’s Starships


A new interstellar turn-based strategy game, Sid Meier’s Starships, will be launching in early 2015 for PC, Mac and iPad. The game will focus on controlling a fleet of space vessels as you journey across the galaxy completing missions, protecting planets and amassing an army for your growing galactic federation. A nifty addition to the game will be cross-connectivity with the recently released Civilization: Beyond Earth, although no specific details regarding how the two games will interact have been announced. A number of screenshots were released alongside a concept trailer for the game, so hit the jump to see more.

Players will be able to expand their forces with new technologies and customisable spaceships before engaging in “dynamically generated tactical combat” across numerous space-borne maps. Meier was quick to emphasise that the designing and building of your own ships would be key to the game’s experience and you can catch a few glimpses of some customised ships in the screenshots below:

In a revealing interview over at Eurogamer, Meier elaborated significantly on the mechanics of the game:

“[Players] develop different kinds of weapons, stealth abilities, armour and shields and put all the different pieces of a ship together in different ways, to get different kinds of ships. Some will be fast, others will be powerful, some are used for stealth, and your role is to be the admiral of this fleet. You can build a fleet of a few very powerful ships or one of many smaller ships, there are a lot of variations. Then you take this fleet into the galaxy and in each star system you visit, there will be some sort of mission, a problem to solve, some way that you can help the people living there. After solving these missions, they become part of your federation. Eventually you run into other civilisations doing the same thing and you will recognise some of the leaders from Civilization: Beyond Earth.”

The legendary game designer confessed that he was fascinated by the possibilities inherent in interstellar exploration when working on the most recent Civilization game and wanted to expand upon these concepts in Starships.

Source: Eurogamer