Here’s the thing: I’m kind of a sucker for game trailers that break from convention. While the Gat out of Hell trailer isn’t as puke-inducingly hilarious as the Behemoth’s trailer for the PC version of Battleblock Theater, it’s still funny as hell; which is all rather fortuitous because the game is actually set in hell.

The Saints Row franchise has become more and more subversive as the series has progressed, never shying away from truly awful toilet humour and risqué content. Game plots have also increased in absurdity, with the latest entry involving the president of the USA getting dragged to hell to marry Satan’s daughter.

The standalone expansion is out and getting mediocre reviews, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the launch trailer. It’s put together like one of those irritrating Verimark infomercials, but with less Floorwizz Microfibre Mops and more fallen angels with machine guns.

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