WIN: four Minecraft handbooks packed with secret wonders


Oh Minecraft. There’s just no escaping your endless reach, is there? Even bookstores aren’t safe from your outrageous popularity these days. Not that we’d want to escape your influence, mind you. You’re always so nice to us.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft and the endless creativity it inspires, grab some torches and a bag full of your least favourite diamonds, and follow us into this dark hole in the ground. Don’t you worry about those ominous groans rising from the deep – we’re told there hasn’t been a zombie sighting in this area for years.

So! Courtesy of the very generous peoples at Penguin Books, we’ve got our paws on four official Minecraft handbooks containing tons of useful Minecraft knowledge. Each handbook covers a different aspect of the immensely popular game. The Beginner’s Handbook is great for when you’re just starting out, obviously, teaching you how to gather supplies, create shelter and generally not die. The Construction Handbook is packed with tips and tricks for building everything from houses to rollercoasters. The Combat Handbook will ensure you’re prepared for any fight. Finally, the Redstone Handbook will reveal all of Redstone’s delicious secrets, teaching you the ins and outs of logic circuits, automated trap design and more.

The books are full of handy advice from Minecraft veterans, as well as words of wisdom delivered directly from the minds of the game’s developers (including creator Markus “Notch” Persson himself). If this sounds like your cup of Enderman juice, all you’ve got to do to get yourself in the running to win this handbook collection is leave a comment in the box below. Good luck!