Welcome to the refreshed NAG Online!


Wow, look at all this stuff! Dane and I have been toiling away (between games of StarCraft II) for the last couple of days to put our meagre web design skills to the test. The result is the fresh, clean, and far more sensible website you see before you.

This update is more of a visual refresh, but there’s some stuff beneath the surface that will let us improve the quality and variety of content that we deliver to you over the coming months and years. Mostly we get to do stuff like this now:

Look at all this room for activities!

Isn’t that neat? I think it is. But I’m easily amused, so your mileage may vary.

As we keep moving ahead and figure out the little nuances of this updated site, expect lots of cool stuff to happen. Or don’t expect it, and be pleasantly surprised when it happens. The choice is yours.

Oh, and mobile visitors: hi! I’m sure you’ll notice that NAG Online is at least a million times better now.

As with everything, we’ve done this update to make things better for you, our readers. Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, feedback and high praise in the comments section below (assuming it still works), so that we know we’re on the right track.