Watch new Witcher 3 footage live tonight at 9PM


Hooray! It’s 2015! That means we can say “The Witcher 3 comes out this year!” Isn’t that reason to get up in the morning? I know it is for me.

With the game’s 19 May release date rapidly approaching, you can bet your left butt cheek that we’re about to get bombarded with fresh information on Geralt’s final chapter. To get started on this glut of marketing, the folks at CD Projekt have partnered with to host a live gameplay demonstration tonight (26 January) at 9PM local South African time.

The live demo will show off new gameplay and will feature live commentary by the developers. You’ll also be able to fire off questions via the Twitch live stream chat window, as Damien Monnier (Senior Gameplay Designer) and Miles Tost (Level Designer) will be online to provide some answers. If pre-ordering is your thing, then you’ll want to watch the live stream as CD Projekt is revealing an exclusive pre-order bonus. You can watch the live stream tonight at 9PM right here.