Mondays. Yuck. As far as days go, they’re the equivalent of being repeatedly punched in the face by a toddler with freakish strength. And you can’t even bring yourself to tell it to stop because its delighted birthgivers think the way it’s repeatedly smashing your face with its toddler fists is just adorable.

Mondays. Double yuck. The only way to make Monday even remotely bearable is to enlist the help of Blizzard.

We’ve got our hands on 20 beta keys for Blizzard’s hugely anticipated upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm (courtesy of those fine folks at Megarom), and we’d like to offer you the chance to win one of ’em. If you’d like nothing more than to bury your toddler-bashed face in Heroes of the Storm, simply leave a comment below and very soon we will randomly select 20 lucky winners.

Please note that this competition is open only to residents of South Africa.

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